CanNorth Medic

Innovative cannabis-based products for medical use.


40%–60% of medications on the global market originate from plant extracts

The medical use of cannabis in oncology represents less than 3% of all prescriptions in the United States, compared with 8%–23% in the Netherlands.11.

The legalization of medical cannabis production in Canada will also lead to advanced scientific research to identify the most active therapeutic molecules as well as their ideal administration routes.

Reference 1: The Intersection between cannabis and cancer in the United States. D.W. Bowles et al, Critical Reviews in Oncology/Hematology 83 (2012) 1-10


Our vision is to offer patients innovative and high-quality cannabis-based products for medical use.


CanNorth Medic's experts combine their strengths with the resources of our sister divisions who have more than two decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.


Our motivation is to imagine and develop high quality products, based on existing evidence, allowing health professionals to contribute to the well-being of the population.

The positivism of the medical world regarding cannabis

Despite conclusive medical literature, the proven therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids continue to be greatly underestimated and underused among the general public and in the medical community. It is unfortunate, even today, that pharmacological derivatives of cannabis sometimes receive negative press by being misleadingly associated with recreational use and its potential for abuse. Medical et recreational use of cannabis are two completely different issues.

About us

CanNorth Medic is a corporation owned by Quebec interests. The company has applied to Health Canada to become an authorized cannabis producer for the production, processing and marketing of cannabis for medical use.

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