About CanNorth Medic


CanNorth Medic is a corporation owned by Quebec interests. The company has applied to Health Canada to become an authorized cannabis producer for the production, processing and marketing of cannabis for medical use.

CanNorth Medic will provide a premium cannabis production service to supply the pharmaceutical industry. Our products will be specifically tailored to the specific needs of patients or pharmaceutical companies, with a suitable price, depending on the budget and quantities requested.  

A development plan is established to ensure sales of the raw product, but also the multiple derivatives of cannabis such as food, pharmaceuticals and at the level of research and development. An R & D subsidiary will also be created to innovate and improve patient care.

CanNorth Medic has a competitive advantage with its plant pre-approved by the Quebec Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPAQ) and the expertise of its majority shareholder, KDA Group, in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors . The expertise required for this type of operation covering the whole process of development, production and distribution is already in place. 

Large-scale cannabis production requires high energy demand. Quebec is a prime location to mass produce cannabis for medical use, since it is possible to have highly competitive rates on hydroelectricity produced by Hydro-Québec.